Strong with Me!

I have learned that when life pushes, you push back harder. This mindset has helped me in my own life and in training thousands of women.

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I started my fitness journey when I was 22 years old and found my purpose along the way; to help women feel great about themselves.


Full body workouts that target both the upper and lower body.


Yummy, nutritious food that you enjoy. It’s not about depriving ourselves!


Stay motivated to crush your goals every week.

Every single workout with me gets you closer to your goal.


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Training can be done in the comfort of 
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Hello beautiful ladies!


My name is Ashley. I am glad you are here. When I chose to get sober at 22, I found fitness. While my road to recovery was not easy, I grew as a person in ways unimaginable through fitness and nutrition. I know what failure is like, but I chose to push and persevere. 16 years later, I am a mother of three incredible kids, wife, friend. I celebrate my journey by helping others discover their strength.


Fitness is more than just fitting into a sexy bikini. It is about conquering what you thought you couldn’t do. It’s about building yourself up, loving how you feel, tackling everything more confidently, and letting go of your fears.


Stay tuned for my new app! We are going to do great things together!